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Do you afraid of not being able to read or understand any words on English or even on many other more languages? Don't worry from now, you can use Google Translation and you can translate many languages supported by Google.

How am I gonna use this service?

Well, it's just simple, just go to and choose the language you want to translate and to what language the translation will be. Just fill the box with in your language to translate with the article and click on. You're done.

For indonesian, I just use this link to browse any website which use any languages to translat to Indonesian. It really helps me a lot as sometimes I don't just visit English website but also on the other languages such Russian and Chinees. What I need to do just type the URL after the URL of translation to Indonesian.

This is the URL to translate to Indonesian of any website by any other language:

Copy this URL and paste it on your browser, then type the URL of a target website you want to translate to Indonesia, done. For example I want to translate SkyGrabber website to Indonesia, the action should be like this:

Okay, this isn't it just fun for having all website as you want to read? See you on more next tricks and tips... Good luck!

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